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Our Mission

The TBDJ Women’s Initiative seeks to enhance women’s engagement by providing learning opportunities, social programs and an address to support and enhance observance of Jewish law and tradition. By providing access to a Yoetzet Halacha, we hope to offer a resource for women in their observance of Taharat Hamishpacha and in all phases of their lives.

What is a
Yoetzet Halacha?

Yoatzot Halacha are female halachic advisors trained by Nishmat’s Miriam Glaubach Center. They are certified by a panel of Orthodox Rabbis to be resources for other women with questions regarding Taharat Hamishpacha, laws related to women and Mikvah. As partners with local rabbis and Mikvahs, Yoatzot seek to support and advocate for the women of their community. Yoatzot also work closely with renowned poskim (rabbinic authorities on Jewish law) and medical experts.

During their two-year fellowship, each Yoetzet Halacha engages in rigorous Talmudic and Halachic study, with a co-curriculum on the topics of gynecology, fertility, psychology and sexuality led by medical and health professionals. Following comprehensive examinations administered by a panel of distinguished Roshei Yeshiva and Poskim, graduates of Nishmat’s Miriam Glaubach Center are awarded the title of Yoetzet Halacha. 

For more information on Nishmat’s program, visit www.Nishmat.org.


About Rifki

Rifki Freundlich is the rebbetzin at Congregation TBDJ in Montreal where she has lived with her husband, Rabbi Yechezkel, and their seven children since 2016. Originally from West Orange, New Jersey, Rifki holds a BA in a Psychology from Yeshiva University. She has taught bat mitzvah girls and high school Tanach for over a decade and currently teaches Chumash and Navi at Hebrew Academy in Montreal. She has been an active member on several school boards, chaired fundraisers, was a mikvah attendant and also invested much time in Jewish women’s education and experiences. After teaching brides and guiding women of all backgrounds in taharat hamishpacha (laws of family purity) observance for almost 20 years in Atlanta and Montreal, Rifki completed the rigorous curriculum of study through Nishmat’s Miriam Glaubach Center to become a Yoetzet Halacha in 2019. She frequently gives classes for local organizations and appreciates the opportunity to learn with and get to know women from all backgrounds and parts of Montreal.






Rifki wants to connect with you!

Passionate about building relationships within the community, Rifki hopes to foster the most comprehensive network of support for women and their families. She will work in concert with rabbis, rebbetzins, medical and mental health professionals and a variety of organizations to do so. Rifki is available for consultation in areas of Jewish law related to Taharat Hamishpacha and Mikvah, women’s health, marital intimacy, family planning and perimenopause/menopause.


In her many years as a Shul Rebbetzin and now as a Yoetzet Halacha, Rifki has guided and counseled women throughout many of life’s challenges including but not limited to infertility, pregnancy loss, post partum depression and cancer diagnoses. Please feel welcome to contact Rifki about any issues/topics related to her training and experience. You are encouraged to also check the resources at the bottom of this page for links about these areas and many more.

TBDJ is delighted to be introducing Rifki as Montreal’s first Yoetzet Halacha. With her warmth, knowledge and accessibility, our hope is that Rifki will serve as a resource for the broader community as well. She looks forward to hearing from and connecting with you!

Facebook & Instagram

Please follow Rifki’s Yoetzet pages on Facebook and Instagram (search for @TBDJyoetzet) to keep up to date on resources, programs and other relevant material. 


Monthly Rosh Chodesh Program

Each month, women of the community join together for learning and sharing. Led by Rifki, together with special guests.

Hosted in TBDJ's Zoom Social Hall.

For more information and schedule,

visit the Women's Rosh Chodesh Program page.

The Forever Song of the Jewish People

A look at David HaMelech and a study of his text. 

Monday mornings at 11:00 AM.

Hosted in TBDJ's Zoom Social Hall.

For more information,

visit the Tehilim program page.

'Wonder Women':
Inspirational Orthodox Leaders

A series of special guest speakers join us to share and discuss.

Will be hosted in TBDJ's Zoom Social Hall.

For more information and schedule,

visit the Wonder Women program page.

"Questions from the Yoetzet Files"

Description to follow.

Schedule to follow. 

Hosted in TBDJ's Zoom Social Hall.

"Nidah - Back to Basics"
A Halacha class

Description to follow.

Schedule to follow. 

Hosted in TBDJ's Zoom Social Hall.

Supporting Loved Ones
Through Grief and Loss

Description to follow.

Schedule to follow. 

Hosted in TBDJ's Zoom Social Hall.


Additional Resources

Please refer to these many sites and pages for information, inspiration and support. Please also feel encouraged to reach out to speak with me or with any of the organizations linked here to access the personal and specialized attention that your situation warrants. Much of what you will read on the sites is helpful but may not fit your situation 100%. It is always preferable to talk things through with someone to make sure you are getting the most appropriate and accurate, tailor made response.

Women’s Health and Halacha


  • If you are away and have a timely and pressing Taharat Hamishpacha question that needs to be looked at: http://tahorapp.com/





Torah Learning Sites with Articles, Shiurim, Podcasts




Infertility Guidance and Support





Post Partum Support & Mental Health 




Pregnancy Loss





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